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Just like millions of people, young and old, all around the world, I see the devastating results of the past two centuries of industrial activity on our natural habitats and I feel saddened and concerned for the future. A brief look at the causes of most environmental destruction leaves us with a sense of despair at human stupidity and shortsightedness. But this very insight also contains the key to hope, and a better way forward. The obvious lack of design and systems thinking that is at the root of much of the destruction we have witnessed can be addressed by correcting the design (or lack thereof), at the process level. As a species, we now have more power and information available to us than at any other time in our known history. It is time to design the future we want!

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I am a graduate of Gaia University's action learning program where I developed a number of experimental techniques on rooftop gardening and the use of bamboo in the construction of human powered machines. I later focused on ways to use action learning to bring higher education recognition to Indigenous holders of traditional knowledge. I currently collaborate with my family in Chiapas, Mexico to promote agroecology and alternative markets with Indigenous communities there. My interest is in the burgeoning field of integrative eco-social design, specifically as applicable to landscape and habitat restoration. I am interested in the nexus between productive human activity and biodiversity conservation as I believe there can be no sustainable conservation that does not directly address and resolve the needs of human populations. Other areas of interest for me include traditional Indigenous knowledge around habitat management and food production. I am specifically interest in creating business opportunities for landscape and forest restoration specialists to engage with industry and community stakeholders in long term management contracts, as I believe this will become an essential part of all projects from their inception and design moving forward. This blog is a repository for my ideas on conservation and human productivity in the post-natural age.

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